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Puppy Training

Puppy training and socialisation course. A 6 week course designed to assist and advise owners.
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New Course Dates

For a list of the latest dates when our Foundation, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Gundog training courses will commence.
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Mullenscote Dogs on Tour 2019

Mullenscote Dogs on Tour dates are shortly to be published on the site, so watch this space.
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Great Deals

Great Deals on Hunters Wellingtons and Chudleys Dog Food .... with link to products page
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Hi Everyone!  It's been a busy time here at Mullenscote Dog Training Centre! New puppies, training courses, competitions, visits, shows, new DVDs and much, much more. Phew! But we wouldn't have it any other way, as we think we have the best and most rewarding jobs in the world! There is nothing more satisfying for me than to help a dog and its owner progress to a high level of training and see them enjoy every minute of their time with us.

I hope you enjoy reading all about what's been happening and what is on the horizon!  

Fantastic Opportunity to Own a Gundog!  

Fell's puppies are growing fast and some will soon leave for their new homes.  Paris, our beautiful black Labrador, had four bonny pups that are just two weeks old. We still have the little boys from both litters and all are looking for a good home. We've also got two partly-trained dogs available: an English Springer Spaniel and a Sprocker, both of which would make great shooting or companion dogs. We've come up with the idea of providing a package of training & support when you buy one of these partly trained dogs. The package would include:

- Introduction to your new gundog!
- Regular one-to-one sessions with one of our professional trainers
- Guidance and training tips available to you whenever you need them
- Full support right through and into your first shooting season

This is a unique opportunity to take a dog that has already been partly trained here and has none of the problems that can arise from being with a novice owner in those important first few months of life. Mullenscote will teach you how to build on this solid foundation of training and provide expert training for you and your dog so that you can enjoy one of the best things in life – a well-trained, biddable and well-mannered dog in which you can take pride and from which you will derive great pleasure. Give me or Howard a call and we'd be delighted to provide you with further details of this new initiative.  

Mullenscote Helps Out Local Schools & Students 

We were glad to be able to offer work experience opportunities to local school children and Sparsholt college students. Working with dogs can be hard work, often dirty and often being exposed to all weather conditions, but, in my opinion, it's  the very  best job in the world. So a big thanks and well done to all our work experience students.

Roll of Honour for Mullenscote's Students & Dogs!

Our congratulations go to Wendy Neville and her Labrador Retriever, Spud. Wendy had found Spud in the free ads and he was bought initially as a companion dog. But it soon became obvious that he was a keen retriever so she brought Spud to Mullenscote. Our first training sessions were focused just on obedience and very basic gundog work. Things progressed well, and I now have had the pleasure of working with Wendy for the past 18 months. The handler and dog team has really flourished!  Through lots of hard work, dedication and passion, Spud and Wendy have become a very successful team. He now goes picking up in the season, completed his first field trial and most recently at the Southern Inter Club Match won Top Novice Dog/ Novice Handler and the Judges' Choice. So be inspired to follow in Wendy's footsteps - anything and everything is possible!

Congratulations also go to Iain Brothers with Ollie and James Thatcher with Boots (Junior Handler) who have qualified for the Countryman Fairs Scurry final at the Midland Game Fair. Top prize is a new truck for the adult winner!

Please Feel Free to call me "Your Honour"!

I was invited to become a judge for the first time this month! No, not the sort that wears a wig and sentences hoodlums to jail, but a judge of gundog competitions!  I have to admit that it was all a little daunting but, with the great support and advice from the team at United Retrievers, I had a great day. I seemed to get through without any mishaps and I'd love to do it again. So, for all those who want to do well in future competitions, just cross my palm ……!  Seriously though, it was lovely to see all the hard work and dedication that every competitor puts into the training of their dog.

Gundog Training Courses at Mullenscote

Here's a quick overview of the courses we have planned in the near future together with some guidelines for entry requirements. If in doubt, give the office a call on 01264 889467 and we'll be happy to advise:


Mullenscote Gundogs on the Road...

The Mullenscote Team is on the road again putting on demonstrations, running gundog clinics, assessments and offering plain good advice to anyone visiting the forthcoming shows all around the country. Here's just a snapshot of where you'll be able to find the team in the next 2 months or so. Look out for the Mullenscote lorry and tent, drop in to buy a training DVD, ask advice on any training issue or just pop in to have a natter! We'd love to see you and your dogs!  

Howard (aka Eddie Stobart!) gets a new logo for his Lorry!

Howard's been brushing up on his artwork and has a brand new logo on the big yellow Mullenscote lorry! Pet Spec continues to sponsor Mullenscote Dog Training Centre and every Mullenscote dog receives Pet Spec supplements with their food. As a result, they are all fit, healthy and well, and we would recommend the supplements to anyone wishing to keep their dog(s) in tip top condition. As for Howard's artwork, I'll let you be the judge!

 Mullenscote "hawking" the latest training DVD...?

Mullenscote will soon be launching the latest in the series of training DVDs. Following on from the success of the 1st in the series of DVDs "Establishing the Basics", we will be launching the next DVD entitled "Get On" which looks at the more advanced gundog training techniques for all breeds of gundogs. We've chosen the fabulous Hawk Conservancy Trust as the venue for the launch, an organisation with which we have maintained close ties over many years! Both DVDs are available to purchase either from us directly or at the shows and displays we attend – see above for details. Price: £9.99.

 And Finally...

Competing with your dog is not for everyone, but the dedication needed to create a well behaved companion or shooting dog is the same. We need to put the time in, take advice and enjoy the training. Be an inspiring teacher and your pupil will want to please you. It can be a great challenge but the potential prize at the end is enormous – a well trained dog!

Keep an eye out for more news on the website. Hope to see you soon at Mullenscote. Until then, Enjoy the lovely weather and remember – "Keep Training"!


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