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Puppy Training

Puppy training and socialisation course. A 6 week course designed to assist and advise owners.
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New Course Dates

For a list of the latest dates when our Foundation, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Gundog training courses will commence.
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Mullenscote Dogs on Tour 2019

Mullenscote Dogs on Tour dates are shortly to be published on the site, so watch this space.
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Great Deals

Great Deals on Hunters Wellingtons and Chudleys Dog Food .... with link to products page
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Mullenscote Blog - January

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The month of January has flown by, with a busy end to a very enjoyable shooting season. February signals an end to long days out with our dog, be it picking up, beating, or as your trusty companion at the peg. The shutters have come down on the game shooting season so what might we do with the dog now? Do we hang up his lead until the end of the summer and think about a quick refresher the week before our first day out next season, or do we assess our own performance as handlers / trainers of our companions work this season and address those aspects of your/his work that may have just slipped a bit, or even gone off the rails.

Our young dogs will often get 'Hot' by the end of the season and our experienced dogs some times will demonstrate 'I know far more than the handler attitude'. An older experienced dog that becomes independent can be as disruptive as any hot headed youngster. Now is time to act, refresh those basic skills. Revisit the core basics heel, sit, stay and recall; once a dog learns that there is no consequence for their actions and they can ignore the handler the unwanted behaviours begin to become normal rather than a one off. The handler rarely has an opportunity to react to undesirable behaviours in the shooting field, so be objective about the weakness in your dogs training and focus on them. Training exercises can help working on certain issues, but fundamentally if the dog has flaws in its core skills the weakness will definitely show in the shooting field.

To an update on news from the Mullenscote team, the Gold, Silver and Bronze training awards have just been awarded to the passing out class, so a big well done to every one who worked so hard to achieve their award. The new courses start on 6th of February, along side the new Foundation course. News of trials, Howard and James continued to have successful runs, with their spaniels gaining a Guns Choice and C of M. Personally I’m delighted to report that I finished the year with a second place in at the United Retriever Novice trial in Derbyshire, and at the end of the month first place and Guns Choice in the Isle of Wight Gundog Club Novice Retriever trial.


The 2011/ 2012 season will take the trainers all over the country with Open and Novice trials for both Spaniels and Retrievers, so the we will all be training as hard as you guys.

The next few weeks are about rest and recuperation for our dogs especially as they have had a hard and busy season. Take stock of their routines, keep them fit and exercised. It is often at this point of the season that diet is important. Our competition dogs and working teams have been on Skinners Working Crunch whilst in hard work but will now be moved to the Maintenance diet for the spring and summer as their work load has diminished. Just like us our food intake needs to be adjusted to suit our life styles to keep fit and healthy, our dogs are exactly the same. There are plenty of foods on the market, but the Mullenscote team flourishes on Skinners Dog food. We have some excellent offers on Skinners Food with very competitive prices on the Skinners Range staring with Maintenance at just £15.49 for a 15kg bag besides a £1 of your next bag of food voucher.

New Course Dates

The Bronze/Silver/Gold Courses continue to go from strength with handlers showing real promise and most importantly some really good results, with the evenings now drawing out we will be running some of the courses on Tuesday evenings starting at 6-0pm. The next course dates are as follows: Start - Tuesday 5th April at 6-00pm (prompt) running for six weeks with the final evening to include assessments on Tuesday 10th April. Cost - £125 to Include Assessment

Please call 01264 889467 to book your place or visit the website for more information.

Keep training!

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